Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Number Sense

Math is probably my favorite thing to teach in second grade. I was never a math whiz in school, and don't particularly love math in the real world, but once I started doing guided math it quickly became my favorite part of the day!

In the past I have used a form of Math Daily 3, but found that it wasn't quite working for my kiddos this year. We really needed math centers that helped build our number sense in my classroom. That's when a coworker of mine introduced me to BUILD MATH. I had heard of it before, but it always seemed way too complicated for me. Boy was I wrong. Once I saw it working (flawlessly I might add) in my coworker's classroom the wheels started turning.

Here's what BUILD looks like in my classroom:

Bear with me - this post is CHOCK FULL of pictures! 

BUILD consists of 5 stations:

B - Buddy Games

U - Using Manipulatives

I - Independent Reading/Work

L - Learning About Numbers

D - Doing Math

Every day my students get to choose which rotation they want to go to. There are only two rules when choosing:

1. Go to each station once before going to another one for a second or third time
2. Students who go to "D" or "Doing Math" are assigned by me and are working at the teacher table during that time.

I know not everyone who uses BUILD math runs their stations this way, but that is what has been working for us in our classroom!

Let me walk you through what you can find in each center. B stands for Buddy Games. I usually put different games that I have created or found that students can use to practice things like basic addition, subtraction, number sense, and place value. You will always find a roll & cover game that matches up to whatever season we are in. Right now we have our Thanksgiving Addition game in Buddy Games, but our Halloween Addition is pictured here. 

I'm going to skip to what you would find in "I - Independent Reading/Practice" because the other stations are very similar. I gives students a chance to read about math. I was REALLY nervous the kids would hate this, but find them constantly asking to go visit this station. I put math books, and any other books that have even a shred of tie to mathematics in them just to keep my kiddos engaged. 

I also have students complete their math "must do" at this station. Their must to is a write the room activity that focuses on our skill for that week. 

Aside from going to "D - Doing Math" which is meet with the teacher, my kids can also go to "U - Using Manipulatives" or "L - Learning About Numbers". At first I really struggled with this because I wasn't finding any math centers that matched the skills I wanted my kids to work on. BUILD is all about BUILDING number sense and that's what I needed, so I decided to make my own stations. Here is what they look like this month:

Most of my activities are housed in these Sterilite containers. I have a combination of both large and small containers.

All of my boxes have a "U" or "L" on them so that students know which ones to choose. I keep most of my games in plastic baggies inside the container just to make sure we keep all of the pieces together!

All of the following images are from my Thanksgiving Number Sense Pack that I have been using in my classroom. I have seen a huge growth in the number sense since starting BUILD, and using centers that help develop those skills. 

In "Match It Up" students are matching their standard form turkeys to their pie ten frame forms. I let them play this like memory, where all cards start facing down and they flip two up at a time to try and find a match 

This one is always a blast. They start out by writing down the number of feathers on their turkey. Then they need to draw more feathers until the have the amount written on the card. Then they write the addition problem the just completed on the dry-erase sleeve to solidify it. My kids have no clue they are even working on addition here, they think they are just drawing! Also-I use those dry erase sleeves in just about every center. They are AMAZING!

"What's Missing?" is a classroom favorite. The concept seems so simple, but when I ask my kiddos to find a number on a hundreds chart they struggle so much! With this activity there are ten numbers blocked off with Thanksgiving themed pictures, and students use their recording sheet to write down what numbers are missing from the chart.

Turkey counting on teaches students to count on within 50-starting and stopping at random numbers to really make them think!

We recently worked on adding and subtracting ten within 100. This was sooooooo hard for my kiddos. I made this center so that they could continue to practice the skill even though it is not our weekly standard. Simply role to dice to build a number, and then add or subtract ten!

Domino addition and subtraction gets their brains working on those subitizing skills!

Tangrams is another favorite! I found tangrams in the dollar spot at target earlier this fall and I knew I had to use them! The students build their tangram picture puzzle first, and then recreate it using tangrams right next to it. I'm trying to help the develop spacial skills and understand how smaller shapes can make bigger shapes. 

I store each Tangram puzzle in a plastic baggie and write the number of that puzzle on the back of each piece just in case we have a mix up! ;)

I was looking for Thanksgiving clipart and stumbled across these cuties! I just loved them so much so I created a match the shape to its name game. Once they finish that, they can apply the same skill on a recording sheet!

Turkey number bonds was created to help with those tricky fact families. I give them two different baskets with manipulatives and tell them to take a few from each basket. Then they write down how many they took of each, the sum of the two numbers, and work their way through the fact family!

We just started measurement so I knew I needed to include that in our math centers somewhere! "I'm On A Roll" teaches kids to estimate the length of their roll in inches, and then to measure it and compare. I let them role out a matching play-doh role just for fun too! :)

Turkey links ties in Language to our math unit. I have an ESL classroom so we are always struggling with out pronouns. Students link together the chains to find the sum of their two numbers. They also have to decide the correct pronoun to go with their friend's name! :)

They were so excited when they realized that I used all of their names in this one!

And that's what BUILD is looking like in my classroom these days! I'm hoping to continue with these centers throughout the year and just to adjust the theme and the complexity, so keep your eyes peeled for more! If you interested in purchasing the items in this packet just click the picture below!

And now, it's bedtime. TGIF!!!!!

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