Monday, September 28, 2015

Pumpkin Place Value

We've been wrapping up place value in our classroom this week. I love beginning the year with place value because I think it builds number sense and sets my kiddos up for success for the rest of the school year. We always refer back to tens and ones no matter what we are working on, so I love that they have that background knowledge right away to help propel them through the school year. 

Today we had a ton of fun with our pumpkin place value! I got the original idea here from one of my favorite bloggers, Reagan Tunstall. I thought this would be a perfect way to wrap up our place value unit, and help transition our classroom into "Fall" mode  - my favorite time of year!!!

We started our pumpkin place value out by taking a look at this jar. As soon as my kiddos saw the candy everyone was suddenly veryyyy excited about place value!

We talked about how many pumpkins we thought were in the jar. Some kids said 300, and others said 5, which led perfectly into a discussion about how we could use our place value skills to help us guess. We talk about grouping our pumpkins into groups of tens-maybe even a group of 100, and then using however many ones we thought would be leftover to create our estimate. Everyone got one of these little pumpkin papers to write their guess down.

I made a point to talk about realistic guesses so that my friends who has guessed that there were 300 pumpkins could be a little more on target.

Then we headed over to the floor to share our guesses and glue them on our estimating pumpkins anchor chart.

Whenever someone handed me their estimate, they had to tell me their number in standard form and how many tens and ones it had before I glued it down

I had a few friends who had trouble telling me their tens & ones, so I brought out our trusty base ten blocks to form their guess. This was a big help for my kiddos who need to visualize their tens and ones and aren't quite able to see them when numbers are written in standard from yet.

Then we used these pumpkins and pumpkin seeds to count out the pumpkins in our jar. We decided we wanted to started by making groups of ten, and then using our ones once we didn't have enough to make a group of ten left.

We ended up with 73 candy corn pumpkins once we had counted them all. Everyone got their own pumpkin to eat, and the leftovers all went to the kiddo with the closest guess! She guess 70 pumpkins and was so happy when she realized she won! :)

And now as an added bonus, I have a cute anchor chart to hang up and help bring in the autumn them to my room! 

If you want to grab your own pumpkin place value, just click the picture below! I'd love to see how you use it in your classroom! Enjoy!!

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