Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Classroom Reveal 2015!

Tomorrow I'm starting my fifth year of teaching-in my fifth room. Moving rooms every year has been a bit crazy, but it has given me a chance to start fresh every year. I really love my room this year and I wanted to share some picture with you! 

Here's my teacher table! I love that it's in a little nook so that my guided groups can really focus!

I use part of my whiteboard for Daily 5 choices. I used washi tape to separate the different sections, and made magnets with all of my students names on them to place where they want to go!

Here's my non-leveled library. It's organized by genre. These will be dessert books or books that my students can read that grab them by interest rather than reading level.

Here's where our math centers are located. The top blue bins are math by myself, purple are math with someone, and red is math review. I absolutely LOVEEEEE guided math and I'm planning to post more on that once it's up and running.

Our curriculum director got us these brand new easels this year and they are beautiful!! I store my clipboards, students rekenreks, and phonics phones in the bins below!

Here is my leveled library. I've put a lot of sweat and tears into leveling all these books and I am so happy with the collection I have! 

This shelf holds my student book bins. I filled them up with on-level books so that we can get started building that read to self stamina on the very first day!

We have two lunch choices this year. This is going to be a big change for my kids, so to make things a little easier on them I made these cookie sheets. Students will come in each morning and move their magnet to their corresponding lunch choice. Quick and easy...I hope!

I upgraded from the cookie sheet because it was too small for all my kids! This whiteboard is much more user friendly!

 Finally, I'm going with a wel-gum theme on my outside door. I used Krista Wallden's Bubble Gum Kids to make my door decor and these cute notes from Darlin' Little Learners!

School starts tomorrow and I can't wait!!! Wel-gum to second grade! :)

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