Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dinosaur Eggs - How to Make Them!

Science is by far my student's favorite subject in my class. I try to spice up our curriculum with as many experiments as I can. It is amazing to me how much more my students learn from a science experiment then from reading about something in our science text book.

One of our major science units is "Changes Over Time" which leads into an entire unit devoted to Dinosaurs. My kids LOVE dinosaurs! I won't lie-we spent about two months learning everything we could about dinosaurs and by the end I was DINOSAURED-OUT!

We did have a bunch of fun experiments that taught us quite a bit about these lovely creatures-specifically making our own dino eggs!

We started out using some Easter egg dying cups that I picked up at Walgreens for $1...but any cups/bowls will work!

Then I dropped one of the dye tablets in each of them...

I added water to each of the cups, and I quickly realized that the color-dissolving tablets weren't doing the trick. I added A TON several drops of food coloring to each cup and voila! I will definitely skip the dissolving tabs next year and go straight for the food coloring!

Above are pictures with only the dissolving tabs. Further down the post you will see what they looked like when I added the food coloring!

Then I brought out the eggs. I had already hard boiled them so yes-they were a little smelly! I told my kiddos that was just the smell of dinosaur eggs. They were amazed that the smell of dinosaur eggs smelled just like their mom's hard boiled eggs! ;)

Slowly, I pushed the palm of my hand flat down on top of the eggs and applied a little pressure and rolled them back and forth. I don't have a video of this sorry-so I hope this makes sense. Here's what they looked like after cracking:

Please pardon our Christmas tree plates...they were all I could find at the time!

The eggs should have small cracks all over them after this step. DO NOT PEEL THE EGGS! Just leave them how they are-and start dipping.

I let each of my students dip the eggs in the colored dye, but I had them use an egg dipper to avoid dying their fingers!!

Once everyone had a chance to dip, we let them sit in the dye for a few hours while we continued our school day. 

I know what you're thinking-THOSE PENCILS, YIKES! I know, I know - but this was open house time of year when I felt like my head was going to explode so I didn't get around to organizing the pencils until later that day!

At the end of the day we pulled them out of the cups, peeled them, and our dinosaur eggs were revealed!!!

As soon as we opened them the class filled with ooo's and ahhh's! The kids thought they were just about the coolest things they had ever seen and were so proud to show their families at open house.

If you learn about dinosaurs in your classroom, this experiment is a MUST. It is super easy and a fun and interactive activity for your class! Enjoy, and feel free to comment with any questions!

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