Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Caps and Caterpillars!

Hi there! I promise I do teach. And I do take pictures of what I am teaching ALL the time. And I do always have the intention of posting about what we've been up to in my classroom. Every time I teach a fun new lesson I tell myself to go post it and share it with the world, but then being a first year classroom teacher happens.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in the classroom but HOLY COW what a change it is from being the ESL teacher. A lot more work and a lot less free time.

So anyway, here it is-a blog post! Woo!

I teach math after school every day. Yes, it is exhausting after being on your feet for eight hours teaching a group of second graders all day and then following it up with an hour of math interventions after school. I am WIPED OUT when I get home! But, my math kids deserve just as much of my enthusiasm as my second graders so I try to keep them as engaged as I can.

Today I introduced my kiddos in math class to a fun new game that we decided to call CAPS! I had a ton of water bottle caps sitting around that a student brought in earlier in the year so I decided to put them to good use. I wrote down the numbers 1-20 (two of each number) on bottle caps and put them in a baggie.

Inside of each baggie was another bag filled with caps that had addition and subtraction signs written on them.

Each kiddo had their own CAPS mat that was tucked into a page protector. I'm running low on my dry erase sleeves and page protectors are the perfect substitute!

So here's how it works:
Each student takes out two number caps and one addition or subtraction cap. Then they set up their number sentence on the mat and solve. Easy peasy! They had a ton of fun using the caps/dry erase markers and I was able to have them talk me through their addition/subtraction strategies. 

Here's a video of one of my little guys playing the game. Just an FYI-most of the students in my classroom are ESL students, so their English isn't perfect! :)

We also made some fun time-lapse videos to show how you play!

Finally, we started our Butterfly unit this week! I get to spend every day with these guys in my classroom. To be completely honest-they freak me out!!! #doitforthekids

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