Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Here!! My first ever classroom reveal!!!

Hello friends! I've wanted to link up with BlogHoppin all week but I've been teaching summer school/setting up my classroom/working at my second job so I've been a little exhausted when I finally get home at night! So pardon me for jamming all of the parts of the bloghoppin teacher week into one BIG post!

Let's start off with... 

My name is Jenna Stuckert and I blog here at Stuck on Teaching. I'm the youngest of three girls and all of my immediate family lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I live in Chicago, Illinois and love it! Come say hi if you're ever in Chicago!

I come from a long line of teachers - my mom's father, my mom, my uncle, my aunt, and now me! I had no idea I wanted to be a teacher until I started working at summer school in my mom's school district and realized that teaching was what I wanted to do! I love working with all students, and I am ESL and Bilingual endorsed and love learning from students who speak another language!

This will be my fourth year teaching. I taught K-5 ESL for one year in Milwaukee, K-2 ESL/BIL in my current school for two years, and this year I will be teaching my own second grade classroom and I am BEYOND excited!

This is brings me to the...

I teach about 30/45 minutes outside of the city (depending on traffic). Here are some A LOT of pictures of my classroom!

Let's start with my classroom door and outside decor:

These are Hope King's Desire to Inspire Posters! Your can find them here!

When you walk in this is what you see at first.

Turn to the right and you will see our cookie tray to keep track of where everyone is!

Walk a little further and you will see our whiteboard. Here is what I have hanging up there:

1. How did we Dojo Clip Chart. This keeps track of our behavior. As much as I love using class dojo, some of my students still need to move a clip to understand their behavior. You can find the clip chart here!

2. Our classroom job chart.

3. I-Pad sign to designate which student gets to use the I-Pad that day.

4. And my favorite - "Are you a hallway ninja?" We talk about hallway behavior all of the time in my school. In order to make proper hallway behavior a little more fun for my students I came up with this idea. We discuss ninjas, how they are so quiet you can't hear them and how they don't push or run  in the hallway-they walk slowly and quietly. I also say "hallway ninjas on" right before we start walking in the hall. Then I count to three and on three all of they say "hiya!" and using their ninja skills they hold up a finger over their lips to resemble staying quiet. I'm sure that makes no sense haha so I'll try to post a little more about it later!

Moving on...

Here is my number line, ordinal numbers, and more whiteboard pictures. 

You can find my alphabet here!

Here is my calendar, daily schedule, meet with the teacher sign, and "Eye Like What I See" behavior incentive. I found that little dry erase speech bubble at the dollar tree. Each week we decide what we want our eyes to watch for and write it on the speech bubble. If they get enough eye points, they can earn a class reward. Dojo is an individual behavior system so I wanted to have something that I could use to make them work as a team.

My desk and my word work drawers! Find my word work for FREE HERE!

 My meet with the teacher table - hopefully I will be getting a kidney table soon!

Our daily 5 choices! They are cookie trays and each student has a magnet with their name on it to place on their D5 choice for the day. Students will be responsible for marking their D5 rotation on a checklist each day. You can find the D5 choice posters here!

Our word wall and a little sneak at our library!

I love how my library turned out!!! You can find the labels here!

See all that empty counter space just going to waste?? It has to stay open because it is our emergency exit. Unfortunately, saftey wins over a teacher's crazy organization!

Word wall and math tubs! You can find the word wall cards here!

Our math daily 3 choices! You can get them for FREE here!

 This is one of my math by myself areas. Kids can grab a dry erase pocket and whatever manipulatives they may need and go!

Dessert tubs and listen to reading center!

More math tubs!

 More teacher storage! Sorry-i'm too embarassed to show you the mess behind those curtains!

So here's the best part about my room. I have this tiny closet/storage area in my room. The teacher before me painted famous children's books characters all over the wall. I'm planning to use it to store student book bins and as a cozy reading nook for ONE student at a time!

The teacher before me left me ALL of these books!! THANK YOU LIZ!!

Student book bins.

I gave each student a whisper phone and one of my reading strategy bookmarks in their bin. You can find the bookmarks here!

Here's another view from just outside that nook!

 Math manipulatives and their indiviudal sticker charts that they earn with Dojo Points!

 And finally, student lunch count and emergency passes. You can read more about my emergency passes here.

And that concludes our tour! PHEW! So let's move on to...

I'm going to make this one pretty short and sweet. I set up my classroom with a bin for each day of the week to hold all of my copies and that just took up wayyyy to much space. So one of my team members was giving this away and I decided to grab it from here and minimize the clutter.  There is a fold for each subject for all 5 days of the week and one for copies that need to be made for next week. I'll let you know how it turns out, but so far so good!

I keep this little cutie full of clips right next to it to hold together my copies for each activity.

Now for the when!

Here's my schedule for this year, but it still may change a bit! I got this FAB schedule page out of my teacher organizer/lesson planner from A Modern Teacher!

And last but not least! 

I love to teach ESL. I always have enjoyed working with ESL students and I never want to give that up! But more than anything I'm excited to find out just what I love about second grade!

If you made it through this post with me...I COMMEND YOU!!! I hope you found some fun ideas to include in your classroom and I can't wait to share more happenings from Ms. Stuckert's second grade classroom as the year goes on!! :)


  1. Have fun in second grade! Your room looks great!
    I love the idea of "Dessert Baskets." Do you have Dessert Baskets with things other than books?
    - Lydia

  2. I stuck with you through the post! :) Nice to meet you in the blog hop! I downloaded your math Daily 3 posters - LOVE them!! They were just what I was looking for. I really like the cookie sheet idea also - I may have to give that a try this year!

  3. Have fun in 2nd grade! Congratulations on having your own classroom! It looks great. I LOVE Chicago. Pretty much all of my college friends live there so I fly out there often.


  4. Your room looks great!! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Visit my blog to see what it is and what to do next. Lovin' your blog!!