Friday, April 25, 2014

Five For Friday :)

Happy Friday everyone!! I couldn't be more excited that the weekend is here!! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for a Five for Friday post!

1. I recently started working at the Chicago teacher store! Yes, I teach all day and then go to teacher heaven and work there after school! I have to remind myself not to buy everything in the store. If you live in Chicago, come stop by!

2. I found these reading lights at the dollar spot at Target, I've wanted these forever and I bought all of the ones left in the store! GO GET THEM NOW!!

3. I created this anchor chart holder and I'm going to use the scotch expressions tape to make it look pretty! More pictures to come soon!

4. Since the school year is ending the dollar spot has a bunch of school supplies on sale!! only 50 cents for all this stuff!!

5. Last but not least have any of you heard of DoodleLoops. Sandy Baker created them and they are amazing. She has published books but I'm working with her to make them digital so she can sell them on TPT! Just remember-DoodleLoops coming soon! And Sandy is the nicest lady ever!! 


  1. Those finger lights look too cool - and then you said Target! Perfect combo lol.

  2. Must. Go. To. Target. (and spend lots of money - but I mean who doesn't?!?)
    Thanks for the tips! Need more fake coins and those finger lights are awesome!