Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monster Rules!!

Hola amigos! I recently decided to update my classroom rules because they weren't matching up to my expectations in my classroom. I had been using a free set I found online, so I updated mine to go along with the behaviors I was hoping to see when I have students in my room. Here's what I came up with:
1. Respect the teacher and our friends.
2. Follow directions quickly and quietly.
3. Raise you hand to speak or stand.
4. Always be prepared for class.
5. Be safe and always do your best!
Here's how they turned out:


Want you own copy??
I'm going to make multiple sets and sell them in my TPT shop but I want to please my cutomers so I need some theme ideas. If you have a classroom theme that you would like me to make (if I have clipart to match!) leave a comment below with your theme and I'll do my best to make it! Also, make sure you leave your e-mail because I want to give out some FREE rule sets to a few lucky followers! Wahoo!

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