Saturday, November 9, 2013

Five for Friday! (On a Saturday...Oops!)

I'm linking up with Doodles Bugs Teaching for a little five for Friday! Sorry I'm a little late and posting on Saturday, I just didn't have any time yesterday. I had to go out and watch the start of the college basketball season with some friends (GO IU!!) and was so wiped out from the week when I got home that I just fell asleep. We've all been there...Fridays are rough after a long work week!

Anyway here we go...

Number 1!

Head on over to Easy Teaching Tools for the final hours of the TPT Fall Giveaway! Over 20 bloggers have entered products and they are all fantastic! This is my first blogger giveaway I've participated in with other bloggers and it has already introduced me to so many wonderful teachers with really great resources.

Number 2!
I finally uploaded my Snowball Fight Winter Literacy and Math Activities! I've been brainstorming these for a while and finally finished them up today!

Number 3!

I really am a little embarrassed about this one but I just couldn't help myself. I currently have an Erin Condren Life Planner which I love, but I REALLY REALLY wanted the teacher planner. So I finally gave in a bought a teacher planner to use which I cannot wait to get in the mail!

Number 4!

For those of you who don't know, I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but currently live in Chicago. I'm a Packer fan living in Bear Country which makes for an interesting life during football season. Unfortunately the Packers lost to the Bears this week so the following day I walked into my classroom and found this lovely gift on my desk from the custodian at our school who is a huge Bears fan. Just wait until Aaron Rodgers is back and things turn around for the PACK!

Number 5!

Last week we celebrated Dia de los Muertos in my Bilingual Class. This is a special holiday in Mexico where families celebrate the lives of their loved ones that have passed. Most of my Bilingual students have family from Mexico so we had a little educational celebration of the holiday. I specifically left out the religious aspects of the holiday during our party and just focused on some of the traditions like eating candy skulls (calaveras) and dead bread (pan de muerto). Look at this funny little dead bread that my coworker picked up for my class! The kids LOVED it!!

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