Friday, October 11, 2013

Five for Friday!

So this is my first linky party, and please forgive me because I kind of have no idea what i'm doing here! From what I understand I write about five things on my here we go!!! 


Last week Friday I was in a bad car accident on my way to work. I was pretty shaken up about the whole thing. While I was sitting at the police department waiting for my uncle (I live in Illinois where my cousins/aunt/uncle live, but my parents and sisters live in Wisconsin) to come pick me up my principal called me. She told me she was coming to get me so I could wait at school instead of at the PD and when I got there I was showered with love and concern from all my fellow teacher buddies which was so nice. The love has continued into this week and I can't even put in to words how happy it has made me!!!


I won my first giveaway...EVER! I feel like I enter every giveaway I see because I love everything teacher created and today after a particularly long day at work I received and e-mail from telling me that I won $40 worth of clipart!!!! UMMMM...Let's just say a nice big WOO-HOO came out of my mouth when I saw that! AWESOME!!!!!!!!


I've been really working hard with my non-reading ELLs (I am an ESL/BIL teacher). I feel like I'm finally making some progress with them and I couldn't be happier!!! We are going to try and read a level A book next week...I'll keep you posted on how that goes!


I uploaded a new unit to my TpT shop and have started using it with my BIL class for behavior management. I have several kids with IEPs in my class so let me tell you...this is GOLD. They are so concerned with getting their class cookies that they have been on their BEST BEHAVIOR EVER!! Check out the link HERE to read more about it!



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  1. Don't you love a school that treats you like family?!! So sorry about the accident. Love the real/ nonsense trash can activity. Cute. Congrats on your first win.
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun