Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little Bit of Teacher Honesty

I'm going to be completely honest here folks. Sometimes, life just stinks! As some of you may know, my birthday was the past Sunday. Let me tell you - I LOVE my birthday! It is my favorite day of the year. So on Friday I was so excited on my way to work that I took a little detour and went to grab some coffee from Dunkin' Doughnuts for myself and my roomate at school. Right after I left Dunkin' my brand new car (I got it in January, so it still feels new to me) was SMASHED into by someone making a left turn that didn't see me on the road. Airbags exploded and all. My car was towed and not driveable which is just about the worst feeling for anyone who has delt with that before. To top it off, I work about 45 minutes away from where I live so I had to sit at the police department in the middle of nowhere figuring out what to do. Luckily, my principal (aka my savior) picked me up and brought me to work and I waited there until my uncle who lives not too far away was able to pick me up and take me home. Basically, it was pretty miserable and my whole birthday weekend was spent in the hospital getting checked out and resting from the wiplash. YUCK! Luckily there was no major injuries, just some burns and brusies on my body from the airbag but THANKFULLY I am doing A-OK!
So in the midst of this craziness I decided I needed to ground myself somehow. And what better way than to do what I love? CREATE! So I made a new behavior management system to help out my kiddos during Bilingual class. Sometime the clip chart just isn't enough to remind my kids to work as a group and do their best because they are so focused on their individual behavior. So low and behold...


It's very simple. You print and laminate the cookie jar and the glass of milk. When you notice your students are being extra awesome you add a cookie to the cookie jar. If you want to remind them to work according to your expectations you put the cookie in the milk. If they are successful, they can put the cookie in the jar, but if not, it has gotten too soggy in the milk and cannot be added to the jar! :(
There are also individual incentives in this pack for those kids who are just always amazing! I hope you enjoy and happy HUMP DAY!!!!!!

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