Friday, September 27, 2013


It's that time of year again...FALL! I absolutely LOVE fall. It is my favorite season not only because of how beautiful everything looks but also because of the holidays: Halloween, Thanksiving and my birthday! In the spirit of fall I've made a couple of new additions to my TPT shop to go along with the weather this and holidays this time of year! Just click the pictures below to check them out!

I bought some holiday themed manipulatives to use with my ELLs during math time and they sure have gotten a kick out of them!

I'm going to use these to recreate this great idea by Cara Carroll!

We use these for making ten!

These were just too cute to pass up! And they glow in the dark!

We use these for counting to represent our different numbers (4 Frankenstein erasers + 6 candy corns = 10!)

Going to use these for my guided reading groups and for reading during Bilingual to help my kiddos keep their place when reading!

I also created some fun letter recognition practice for my Kinder and ESL/BIL kiddos!

I gave all of my kiddos a bingo dobber and a mini-magnifying glass to use with this activity! They LOVED it! Seriously, they were so engaged it was amazing! Check out some pictures below!

English Version

English Version

Spanish Version

This year I'm trying really hard to create some great tools for my Bilingual class. Here is my newest creation! Mensajes Secretos en Espanol aka Secret Messages in Spanish!

The packet comes with a key that you can print out for your students in case they have trouble matching a picture to a letter (my kids needed it) or else you can just let them have at it! Here's how it works:
Hamburguesa = H
oveja - O
lapiz - L
arbol = A 
And your first word is HOLA! Once they have matched each picture to a letter the secret message will be revealed! Each message comes with an answer key, and a blank color and blank and white version!

I hope this post gave you some greta ideas to use in your classroom this fall! Happy FRIDAY!!!!!

P.S. Look what came in the mail today!!! Can't wait to use these with my students!!! 

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