Sunday, August 11, 2013

So it's been a while...but here's a FREEBIE!

Yes I know, it has been a while since I last posted but I do have good reasons! For the entire month of July I was out of town teaching summer school in my old school district in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My parents still live there so it was nice to be able to stay at their house while teaching and to come home to nice home cooked meals :) (I'm not the best chef and it's much easier to call the nearest takeout place in Chicago when I get home late from work and haven't gone grocery shopping in two weeks!) 

ANYWAY...another bonus of spending a month at home? I was able to make a bunch of new products and came up with some fun new things for my classroom! I share my room with a Resource teacher at my school so on a regular basis we have about 12-15 kids in there learning a multitude of things! We work on reading, math, Spanish, ESL, and all sorts of things in my room!

One thing I knew for sure was that we needed to get some cute Alphabet letters up in that room! At the beginning of last year we were both new to the school so we just kind of threw our room together. We spent all of last year planning for our upcoming room for the 2013-2014 year and mapped out what we wanted to make! For starters...I'm mildly obsessed with chevron. So I decided to make a classroom set of chevron mini-posters that would have letters A-Z, numbers 1-20, and colors as well. It's currently being laminated at my school so once I get it hung up in my room I'll be sure to upload some pics!! But I can show you a picture of my new welcome sign I created! 

I'm going to hang this on a piece of ribbon (hot pink sparkly ribbon) going vertically and place it in front of our door! Hopefully I'll get this up on my TpT store tonight!

Another item I'm very excited about using in my classroom is my new whisper phone idea! So as many of you know a cheap and easy way to create whisper phones for you students is to use PVC pipe. Well what many of you DON'T know is that my Dad owns a hardware store which is basically a teacher's dream come true. I think I call him at least once a week and ask him to bring home things from the store so that I can use them in my classroom. So I went home this weekend and stopped by his store with my sister and my eyes immediately went to the millions of PVC pipe display pieces they had on the wall. Low and behold...

WHISPER PHONES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!!! It was like going to candy land for teachers! I love using these with my kids during guided and independent reading and they really get a kick out of them. Then I had one more idea. The phone on the top left is pretty gigantic but I couldn't resist taking it. When I got home I spray painted it silver and decided that I'm going to use it as a GUIDED READING INCENTIVE. My kids can get pretty bored during guided reading so I decided to use the giant phone as an incentive where the best reader that week can use it the entire following week. Here's what it looks like...

I'm really hoping this will keep my kids excited about guided reading this year! I know that if I had fun using it they will! I'll keep you posted on how it works out!

So as I mentioned earlier we teach a multitude of things in my classroom! Here's a few new products that I created to teach my kiddos! First we have some addition practice products...

I also created some subtraction activities!

Here's one of the activities in the product! 

We started with 12 frogs in the pond (I found these cheap counters at the dollar store but there are counters included in the product) and then students rolled one or two die (depending on grade level/skill) and took out that many from the pond. 

12- 8 = 4 so students would take out 8 frogs and have 4 left!

Students recorded their answers on their recording sheets!

They LOVED it! They had so much fun with those little froggies and asked if we could play again the next day! :)

I also uploaded some welcome back activities so take a look if you're interested! These can be used with multiple grade level classrooms, single grade level rooms, and co-teaching rooms!

 PHEW! What a post! But as promised here is your freebie! Click the picture below to head over to my TpT store and grab it! I hope you enjoy using it in your classroom!!

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