Saturday, August 24, 2013

Freebies, Pictures, and My New Favorite Thing!!

It's that time of year again when everyone is heading back to school. Lucky for me, I've been teaching summer school for all of July and August so I didn't feel the scary overwhelmingness of heading back which turned out to be quite the relief! 

I would love to post some pictures of my classroom but I can't just yet. We might be getting some new grade level rooms in the upcoming weeks which would mean I would be switching rooms. So my friend who I share a room with and I decided not to put up any paper or wall decorations just in case. So basically, my room is SUPER ugly right now but once I know where I am and everything is set up I promise I'll post some pictures! 

Anyway...I now have a new favorite thing and it is called my B-E-A-UTIFUL Scotch Laminator!!! Seriously, it is amazing. I love to laminate all of the things I make on TPT so that they can last a lifetime. So I looked on Amazon and found one for only $25!! (using Amazon Prime) Let me tell you this thing is amazing!!! I have had it for one week and used it so many times already! Here's a look at some of the things I have laminated:

And it laminates REALLY well which obviously makes me very happy because it needs to be durable with some of my students!

So as you can see in my pictures above I have created a new product called "Sight Word Splat!"

Here's how it works:
You print out/laminate/cut out the gum balls for the targeted sight words you want to use. Lists for grade K-2 are included in this product. The you also print/laminate/cut a page full of the SPLAT gum balls. 

Put them face down or in a container of your choice (one that IS NOT see through to prevent peeking eyes) and have students select on gum ball at a time. If they can read the word on their gum ball they keep it! If not, it goes back in the pile. If a student pulls a SPLAT! gum ball they have to put all of their gum balls back in the pile! So theoretically, the game can last as long as you need it to and can be used for review, during centers, etc. 

I also have a new freebie for you to use to welcome your new kiddos to school! I gave them out at the end of summer school and then designed some new ones to welcome students to school this year!

Just click the picture below to grab your freebie! Grades K-5 included! :)

Also, as promised here are some pictures of my Chevron Classroom Decor! I can't hang them yet (see above for reasoning) but they are printed, laminated and READY TO GO!!!

Just a little bit of Chevron Teacher Happiness! This is not included in the set but I couldn't help but share! :)
I also downloaded this freebie from Hope King who is one of my favorite bloggers! :) She makes the cutest stuff!! 

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