Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today is...

I've been working with my bilingual students since the beginning of the year. This is their second year in a bilingual program and they are all native Spanish speakers. I assumed that they knew the days of the week but I should have known better than to make an assumption as a teacher. Here's where my Spanish Day of the Week set comes into the picture!

My kids had an idea of the days of the week but really struggle to make the Spanish/English connections. They knew that today was jueves but they couldn't tell me that it was also Thursday. The knew that tomorrow was Friday but were unable to switch that to viernes. So we have started to incorporate this into our daily routine:

Ayer fue (yesterday was), hoy es (today is), mañana será
(tomorrow will be)

So here's how it works: The ayer fue, hoy es, and mañana será pages have blank white boxes on them. I created the days of the week names to fill in the box sizes on the three pages shown above. 

Days of the week

Then I laminated the days of the week and cut them out individually as shown above. I put some Velcro on all of the pieces so that I could easily rotate them each day and it works perfectly!

Please excuse my chipped nails!!

I introduced this to the kids today and they loved it! I'm planning to let them run this activity each day. They were great at speaking in whole sentences and using the charts to help them say "Ayer fue miércoles. Hoy es jueves. Manana sera viernes" I'm very happy about that last second because even though it's only our first week back from break I'm ready for the weekend!

This activity is great to use in a bilingual classroom or just if you want to incorporate some Spanish into your daily calendar routine! I hope you enjoy!
You can find the Spanish Day of the week calendar set here!

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