Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not It!

I just wanted to take a second to share my new favorite thing. As an ESL teacher I'm constantly working with small groups for pull out and push in lessons. My time with my students is very limited because I have such a heavy caseload so I want to squeeze in as much as possible in every lesson. That's where NOT IT! comes in. I recently attended a iPad seminar and was introduced to this app. It's called Not It! and it is FREE!!!!! :) The way it works is you have all of your kids put their fingers on the iPad like so:
As soon as all of the kids have their fingers on the iPad small circles will start spinning around them and it will begin to count down 3,2,1. After it counts down to one the circles around their fingers will start to slow down
  and eventually stop. Once all of the circles have stopped one turns pink and that kid is it!

It can mean that it is that child's turn to read, share his story, answer a question or WHATEVER. I know it seems a little silly but the kids LOVE it and it has sped up the process of choosing a friend because my kids love to take a longgggggggggg time to choose someone to read after them. Plus they are so engaged in whatever we are doing because they all want a turn to be it. This has really helped my slackers and my nervous little readers! I'm in love with this app!

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