Monday, February 11, 2013

Candy Compare and Contrast

With ACCESS testing coming to a close this week I'm starting to prepare to be back in full swing next Tuesday (no school on Monday because of President's Day - woo!!!). I worked with my second graders again today. I went in to teach the Scott Forseman skill of the week. The curriculum does come with a lesson to teach but I like making my own activities so that they are more ELL-focused. We were working on compare and contrast. We started out by identifying the meaning of both compare on contrast. I was SOOO happy that one of my students was able to explain what it meant to the class: "It means we talk about how things are the same and how they are different!" Yes! A+ for that guy! After that I drew a venn diagram to show my students what most poeple think of when they see compare and contrast. We created a venn diagram about cats and dogs for one minute just to get us in the compare and contrast mood. I then explained to my kids that I'm not a huge venn diagram lover so I showed them the following graphic organizer that I created. You can find a link to this graphic organizer, compare and contrast posters, and other valentine's day literacy activities here! This is our valentine's edition of compare and contrast...CANDY vs. CANDY!

Blank Graphic Organizer
Then the students got to decide what to candies they wanted to compare and contrast: M&M's and Kit Kats. They came up with some great ways to tell us how M&M's and Kit Kats were the same and how they were different. 
Student Work

Student Work

My favorite on the contrast side is when one student said there is only one letter in M&M and a few letters in Kit Kat. YAYYY!!! I was proud to see them stretching their little minds so far! I can't wait until next week when I'm back to teaching full time. Until then...

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