Monday, February 4, 2013

Back In Action

I finally got back into the classroom today! It was only for an hour but I was still so happy to see my kids! I was working on fact and opinion with one of the second grade classes. We started out by defining a fact and an opinion using examples like Ms. Stuckert is wearing boots is a fact, but Ms. Stuckert is the best teacher even is an opinion. They really got excited when they started giving examples of the own facts and opinions.
Then we moved into the exciting part! OREO FACT AND OPINIONS! We discuss OREO cookies and whether or not the are the best cookie in the world and other opinions and facts about those delicious little cookies. The best part was that the kids were SO enthusiastic and participating in the discussion without even realizing it simply because they wanted to tell me EVERYTHING they knew/thought about Oreos. I wrote a short paragraph about Oreos and then we dissected those sentences into facts and opinions. You can find a link to this lesson plan here. I was happy to see the kids so excited about facts and opinions and maybe if they're lucky I'll bring them Oreos on Friday as a surprise!

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